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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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shooting on the 16th street mall and one man is dead. >> we're talking to people who saw it happen. >> it's shocking f trying to go about their wednesday afternoon. one person is dead, another injured after a fight leads to a shooting near the 16th street mall. it spilled over to this hotel parking lot. in the area. it started with a fight shortly some people went to get nearby police officers in the area and there was a shooting. the suspects tried to get away by hopping on an rtd bus. we talked with a witness who saw that bus stop in the middle of the street and police get on. >> i didn't know what was happening.
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at the fragile place we are right now s a country, everyone is in a weird place. all our minds are not in their place right now. anything that's happening, it automatically gets really scary. >> pretty scary for those witnesses. please still not sure what led up to that site. we also asked how many people were involved in that fight. they just don't know yet that they are going to check surveillance cameras in the area , to people under arre tonight. >> water is being lead at all cherry creek schools. students were given bottled water. >> the construction project on this building just go bigger after it collapsed today. the denver fire department says they don't know what caused the walls to just give way.
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postelection protesters with a message of peace. will start in california. in colorado republican stronghold, colors brings us all purchasers downtown. these differ students walked right out of class showing how they feel about the president- elect. this was the scene outside boulder high school today, 100 students on the lawn of the school letting their feelings about the election be known. one side school nifies against hates. >> this morning when we started this, the message was love and it's kept up as that. we're not against the system but we are against what people in the system have been saying and doing. >> the election results are sending shockwaves through denver's immigrant communities. >> denver seven was at "go. truck i will point, emotions
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and maatin the king high school walked out of class. lking down the street and carrying signs like this, gathering at old model high school auditorium to discuss those frustrations. while these mlk students took their election frustration to the streets of manila neighborhood, others here are -- were also very emotional this morning. >> auditorium. >> people were very hurt to discuss concerns. people were confused's ruling in the minority community. people were hopeless. people were crying and angry. >> those emotions spread beyond the student population more than 60% latino. >> teachers had to comfort them, teachers were hurt.
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policies. >> we have family members and friends close to us. they are undocumented and we're worried about them because they are part of us. >> trevitt teachers say filtering to anger, their part of the students for using this as a motivational moments instead. >> i have seen kids saying i'm going to act. which participates, i'm going to be activists we want to accomplish with our -?school. as educators want to get our kids inspire. >> it's clear donald trump is not to the students were pulling for. some said they feel helpless because they don't have a voice in the form of about, instead there left to watch. >> bleed or not, the day after the election, there's still a lot of county to do. denver election officials say that hundred 40,000 ballots to count, they have to have by
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initiative that would allow pot used in businesses. still too close to call. it's only passing by 3000 bus. >> yesterday with him only voted to allow terminally ill patients to analyze when they want to. jacqueline l is looking at how this will work. >> doesn't go into effect until election is certified. that's in january. today we talk to people who fought for this option about how it will work. matt lawson became the face of this campaign after he was diagnosed with brain cancer. he says this isn't a partisan issue its personal liberty. allow only be for colorado residents diagnosed with terminal illness by two doctors with six months to live or less and mentally competent. it allows those people to be prescribed and take medication that will end their lives. larson says he's fighting for his life now but it was cancer reoccurs, he wanted a choice. >> upgraded to reading i can to not be confronted with that
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i hope to never be confronted with that decision. if i am, i don't know whether i would take it or not. having the option for the >> call a specific about the process required patience make to oral requests submitted by 15 day period and it third written request signed by two witnesses. they have to be able to take the medicine by themselves. we are clearly a divided. half foot of the child, have clinton. which leaves a big challenge to the new administration to unite this country. there are clearly very specific challenges troubled white house will have with latino voters. marshall, colorado we have half 1 million. >> a poll of 400 latino voters leading up to election day showed interesting data in
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fastest growing population to trust a new president. latina decision 2016 poll reveals these as the top three issues for hispanic voters, information to perdition, economy and healthcare. number six, make sure travis not present. they were asked about donald trump if they believe he truly cares about what to expect. two out of 10 said he did not care too much. 64% called him hostile. >> for latinos, i don't think it's so much as to what child has to say about what his supporters say and how they members and how they see their own neighbors. that's what we need to see the change in. >> cnn exit polling shows slightly higher support for hispanics and african americans to trump nationwide. more so than mitt romney when he lost in 2012. hillary clinton is not the first candidate to win the popular vote and lose the election.
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most recently when al gore lost in 2000 george w. bush. >> is colors marijuana industry in trouble? let's tremendous talked advocates about their concern over his views on pot. check one is big business in colorado. the ganja gourmet, one of ma shops, will change washington impact businesses like this? >> last year donald trump told sean hannity's offer medical marijuana. >> was coming out the bad things happening in colorado with respect to people. i have to look at that very good. marijuana industry is in jeopardy? >> this is very concerning with the president has come out with so many extreme remarks. >> we're watching very closely to see what mr. trump does over the coming days, weeks and months. >> reporter: christie kelly says she expects of a conversation with the newer ministration.
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than a single state or express. >> that everyone is worried. >> there is no way will go backwards in this country. >> reporter: steve horwitz says mr. trump is all about business. >> california and massachusetts just voted yes to recreational marijuana. we're not going backward. >> reporter: law professor says it's too early to tell us can have been deeply so be hard to reverse course because the genie is out of the bottle and because marijuana is popular at the polls. a shocking new photo of an aurora police officers shot in the face and light duty. he was shot in the cheek and he is fine. please say the murder suspect killed in the shooting was putting a baby in the car when police found him and then opened fire on officers. >> reporter: and unacceptable to das office. officers were in fact justified it says when killing a suspect
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last month's incident of the cu boulder campus. we get our first look at a student accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a dorm. police say he confessed and he apologized to his victim the next day on facebook. canine can help track down this dangerous guys are now police need your help to fight him. he tried a kid of a 14-year-old last week. she was able to get away and able to help police with this sketch. bomb at the nederland shopping center please not guilty. the 64-year-old made his second appearance in a federal court today indicted on charges of using a weapon of mass disruption. prosecutors say was possibly an attempt to avenge the 1971 killing of local hippie. >> samsung phones, new at 6, local moms warning. bank robbers caught in the
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help catch them. near record warm temperatures today, 74 degrees in denver but coming up, you
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the woman says her samsung phone almost burned down her home. saw the galaxy seven. we spoke with her as she says she was injured this doesn't happen to anyone else. >> that, i believe is a battery affixed to the carpet and loved it there. >> reporter: the remnants of what's left of this brutal brothers samsung phone. >> felt like a bomb went off. >> reporter: a loud explosion and said her son's bedroom. >> i woke my husband and i ran to get our two children who were nearby and he ran into this
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fire. >> reporter: she says this blown up the pieces fall she owned for two years was just charging when all of a sudden it exploded damaging a portion of her son's bedroom carpet and almost setting her house on fire. >> i want to tell stories so others currently using the sound know the rest. >> reporter: because this is in this isn't the samsung seven that's been recalled and banned off planes. this is a samsung 4 inches with her other samsung phones in the house e >> it was horrific. everything was full of snow. there is a horrible toxic chemical kind of snow. >> reporter: she said she was at samsung gave her case and asked her to ship the phone back to them for further assessment. we reset the samsung a spokesperson released this statement saying quote, we're all able to comment on this specific incident until we obtain and thoroughly examined the device, customer city and we want to work with any %- customer's experience an issue
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to investigate the matter and support them. until samsung there was doubt what caused this non-recalled samsung to blow up, this mother to his breathing a sigh of relief, keeping her phones aaay from her children. >> it's very scary. my children play on the sun all day. they hold close to their faces. masterman wearing pink gloves keybanc on south colorado. we see these guys are armed and dangerous. here's the getaway car. you know the details of the sale of the historic redstone castle. the new owners $2.2 million for this 114-year-old poverty tween aspen and greenwood springs. the buyers on the hotel denver already. you may be getting anxious to hit the slopes. love it opens
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keystone of records say even though the snow machines are working, there's not enough of it to get the list ranks of the have to wait at least until next week. good news at 11. those are some of the folks working at loveland skiing away. you have a chance to enjoy a quick run before the love opens thursday. clear sky, dryer, light winds will allow us to make snow overnight and ladarius and that's good news until mother nature gets things going. across state, still 60 degrees in denver at the top of the hour, 55 out of dia. went from the northeast, our top temperature 74 after a morning low of 34.
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the average the highs and lows is the 10th warmest year on record. across the nation, two) but they are a long ways away. is a great big high pressure system blocking any storm soon coming our way for a while. overnight, clear skies and light winds and that means cool temperatures in the high country, down to 20 park with a mix of thurston 40s and lower elevations, statewide, night team in denison, 17 at alamosa. for tomorrow, sunshine, 67 in the denver area. the upper 60s to some of 70s, slightly cooler and mostly 50s to the west. metro area tomorrow. pleasant afternoon. tonight meiling clear and cool
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the high temperature expected to climb up to 67. looking ahead, veterans day slightly cooler 50 degrees, right spot, 65 and pleasant. thinks shift next week. a chance of rain and snow and cold temperatures expected down you can donate seven dollars to help the hungry family in need in the denver area and along the front range this season. >> i may be on crutches. i may be humphrey. >> if you see it there to help
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welcome to seven sports extra. broncos went indoors for practice. they will be indoors sunday. is trevor simeon playing for his job is he? if he struggles, broncos lose, this past and lynch get a shot after the bye week? with two weeks to prepare for the >> i would say yes. but i am not the coach and i much of either told us that's
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mind. >> is tough for me to think that way. there's a lot of pressure, that's part of the deal, you embrace it. not the only one like that. it's not easy for me to think that way. many do much of the best i can go from there. >> the broncos lead the nfl 3 kn. real.on the denver and the denver seven app. with that story and more. it's all right here at your fingertips. choi will have reports.valley and seven sports extra tonight at 10. this is little drew brees thing to deal with. 21 touchdown passes. saints scoring over 30 points a game. they won four of the last five. broncos told us you have to cool down.>> he could throw to
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what you teach guys to play cornerback wise. as we does. he knows all the spots on the field. >> plays a game extremely fast with the great temple. he's a great leader. >> he's doing all play calling and scoring plays. one of the legendary quarterbacks in our league. he said sure we're on our game. >> he'll find a way to score a ton of points. that thinking too much on the other side of the ball. if a good group over there but it's our job to hold up our end of the bargain and score points and hold onto the ball. >> the have to get this thing fixed. it to run the football and put up points. the saints put up points of their own. >> a lot of pressure on the
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let's take a look at the seven day. it looks mild for a while. temperatures well above normal, the mid-50s right now. i'm going to put the ouudoor lights out this weekend. when it turns cold mike just
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when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? zbroinchts now on "the list" less party and more wine. things you should and shouldn't do in your 20s, 30s, says and 40s. we've got a workout you can do right now, calling ought couch potatoes. then, guilty plueasures that ar actually good for you. plus, hit the road on an american classic. >> nothing is impossible. >> that's putting us on "the list."
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now. >> i love this country. >> it's tough to know what america will be like under president trump, so here's a list of things we are certain of. number one, political vines made election coverage a little more entertaining. number two, cute animals will make us smile even though election night livestreams are done for now. shows will help keep us sane. maybe if we all have a few more yard signs like nick oserman suggested on steven colbert's showtime special, life will be good for all of us. >> head boards, christmas trees, serving trays, beach towels, and mirrors. looking good. >> and, finally, the election is over, so it's time to move on. >> well, now that you voted on
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vote on something a little tastier, shall we? like what is nutella? seriously, even the fda doesn't know. >> it's like -- i love it. >> good old nutella. the chocolatey goodness guaranteed to make you say -- >> hmm. >> but is nutella a spread like peanut butter or a dessert topping like hot fudge? think about your answer very carefully because the fda actually wants your help deciding. finally, a vote where both choices have merit. between now and january 3rd, you their website. here's why your vote is important. since 1993 nutella has been categorized as a dessert topping, but if it switches to a spread, the serving size would drop from two table spoons to one. the bottle would show a smaller amount of sugar, fat, and calories. confused? yeah, me too. now this is starting to sund like one of those propositions we voted on yesterday. >> that is really good. >> make your voice heard on this critical topic by heading to the


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